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Born in Lahore in 1925

Learnt art at the Mayo School, now known as the National School of Art.

Famous for his colorful representation of human beings, particularly in ridiculous and pathetic situations, Krishen Khanna’s paintings generally have minimal figuration but are spontaneously and exuberantly done. He is renowned for the “scribe” and the “bandwalas” series which are very colorful, bright and bold.

He was profoundly moved by the events he witnessed during the Partition of India in 1947 and his earlier works are reproductions of scenes that have imprinted themselves on his mind.

Very widely exhibited in India and abroad and a pride possession of many a private collections, Krishna Khanna is a well established contemporary artist. He has been awarded the ‘Padamshree’ in 1990.

He works and stays in New Delhi.

Artworks will be available soon...
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