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About Us

About Company

Visions Art is a platform for Contemporary Indian Art.

It is a physical and digital space – where Artists, Art Enthusiasts – New Buyers and Seasoned Collectors, and the Art Curious engage in a unique art experience.

Visions Art was inspired by the love of art.

It was imagined by Mr. Jugal Kishore Maheshwari early on during the 1980’s. An avid collector of Indian Miniature Paintings and Modern Indian Art.In 2003, Visions Art was founded in the heart of South followed soon. It would be an art-focused website that would serve as a launch-pad for emerging Indian talent. It would also showcase works by established Indian artists to the world.Since then, Visions Art and have become a harbor for young, emerging, mid career artists and art collectors.
Today, Visions Art is helmed by Vasu Maheshwari. With an authentic love-of-art and market expertise, he brings forth a unique perspective and acumen to the business-of-art.over time, developed a keen eye and sensibility for contemporary Indian art. As a collector and patron of the arts, his approach was informed by a wealth of knowledge and first-hand research. His passion inevitably found tangible expression in a gallery space dedicated to Modern and Contemporary Indian Art.

The Visions Art Portfolio includes art works by established and mid-career artists; and emerging talent from across India. goes beyond being a digital art marketplace – It is a definitive art destination for Contemporary Indian Art, Artists, Art Lovers & Buyers.

We offer ART LOVERS an immersive art experience

2018 onward, an all-new Visions Art will engage viewers/users and deliver a superlative experience. Using cutting-edge features, and a hand-on approach, we offer advisory services, facilitate the sale of artworks, and showcase art extraordinaire.

We promote our artists – showcase their talent; and, also offer crucial social media marketing and advertising support.

Our website is designed to make it easy for artists to manage their own profiles, upload artwork images, edit information and even share content!

Visions Art – The Gallery Space

Located in the vicinity of several historical landmarks and the business district of South Mumbai,the permanent gallery is a space that houses and showcases both permanent and curated collections.

Visions Art specializes in Contemporary Indian Art; however, the gallery also boasts an exclusive collection of Modern Art pieces available for private viewing, by appointment.

The gallery’s program draws upon a diverse range of disciplines and intellectual perspectives while maintaining a clear progressive thread.

While the Visions Art has already represents works by Indian artists who are considered to be at the forefront of Indian contemporary art, we are always looking to collaborate with emerging Indian and international artists, art collectives and cultural establishments.

B9, Radhe Vallabh Co. Society,
Modi Chambers, AR Rangnekar Road,
Landmarks: The Royal Opera House, Girgaon,