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Artist - Terms & Conditions

Artist - Terms & Conditions



1.   The Artist authorizes the Company to exhibit, promote and sell through and its affiliated websites (the “Website”), artworks that the Artist has the right to exhibit, promote and sell (the “Available Artworks”).

2.   The Company shall exhibit, promote and sell, at its discretion, Available Artworks, through the Website.

3.   The Artist shall provide the images of the Available Artworks, suitable information on the Available Artworks at the request of the Company.  These images and the information, in their original form or in an edited form, may be used by the Company to promote market and sell Artworks and to promote and market the Artists Artwork and the Company.        

4.   The Artist shall immediately notify the Company of any change in the status of the Available Artworks, such as a change in applicable price, loss of the right to promote or sell such Available Artworks, sale of the Available Artworks, etc.

5    The Artist Gives Preferential Rights To the Company for the sale of artworks.

6.   After any Available Artwork is sold (the “Sold Artwork”) by the Company due to its presence on the Website, the Company will confirm the availability of the Sold Artwork with the Artist and inform the Artist of its sale.  Subsequently, the Artist will consider the Artwork sold and cooperate with the Company in facilitating the logistics, including packing and shipment, of the Sold Artwork. The costs associated with logistics and suitable insurance of the Sold Artwork will be borne by the Artist or the final recipient (the “Buyer”).

7.   The Artist authorizes and acknowledges that the Sold Artwork, in its original shape and form, may be returned, within 14 days, of the receipt of such, by the Buyer.